WEIGHT LOSS results, IMMUNE SYSTEM strengthening and DIABETES reduction


        .                                  Why should we choose a carbohydrate-free food?



Read what Dr. Caroleo says (Researcher – Pharmacologist – University of Calabria):

This diet affecting the microRNA:

  • improves the metabolic profile
  • produces weight loss
  • adjusts some specific biomolecules called microRNA that are responsible for the immune and inflammatory response and antitumor surveillance.

What does it mean?

  • It means that this patient can better face bacterial or viral attacks.
  • This diet also improves antitumor surveillance not just because these biomolecules suppress the outbreak of a possible tumour but also because it has an anti-inflammatory effect. We all know that inflammations can develop into tumours.


I want the medical food

The miracle of solving diabetes is now science.


Do you have diabetes? A NEW safe solution.
Dr. Kleiner’s interview will clarify any doubts you may have had about Diabetes, and its successes in solving this serious problem

You will be followed via telemedicine and your results will be monitored over time. The most suitable diet for you will also be provided.

The TeleMedicine service has medical value for European health law.

Look the interview of dr. Kleiner: it will change your Health!

…………….What does modern science say about this


Scientific research

Often, due to incorrect nutrition, your body is unable to defend itself against viruses and infections.
Whether you want to lose weight or simply maintain a healthy weight, it is essential to have a strong immune system.
We have found the answer for you.

A team of Italian doctors have been researching ways to help people strengthen their immune systems. Their scientific solution has been so important that it has been published in well-known international journals.

Star to your health here!

What is this food made of?

After many years of research and modifications, our scientists and medical team have come up with the perfect ingredients that make up these products, to maximise the health benefits obtained whilst consuming them, as well as the taste. Essentially, these products are made using lupine flour, and inulin, amongst other ingredients (all listed in the video) which properties are vastly known in the medical field.

If you really want to see improvements in your wellbeing, we invite you to watch the video which explains fully what these products are made of. The advantages and benefits you will obtain are explained directly by the team of medical researchers of a few universities.

As opposed to what is found currently on the market, these products are driven by scientific studies which have proven results on your health.

Loose your weight

Why do we need the Medical Food?

It’s the perfect way to eat with taste, lose weight, and regain health

The Medical Food is the perfect solution for who is always on the go, as these are conveniently pre-packed in individual portions which have the same nutritional benefits of a meal with approximately 200grams of fish and a lot of vegetables

When you want to lose weight you are immediately told to avoid carbohydrates and sugars. White flours, you know, are full of sugar!  This means that you have to completely eliminate pasta, bread, pizza, cakes and much more. If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time, you know what it’s like to give up these foods.  A nutritionist would tell you to eat healthy, avoiding carbohydrates altogether. And you will lose weight. Maybe. But then you won’t be able to follow this diet style for a long time, because, after, you will resume your established eating habits in your life and you will start to gain weight again. Do you want to put the pleasure of eating pasta or bread, instead of dishonored vegetables? With Medical Food now for you begins a pleasant mode of feeding. You no longer have to deprive yourself of food, you no longer have to eat little.
In fact, foods have been created that simulate pasta, bread and are completely different from what you find today as substitutes for pasta.

Star to your health here!

Our Company

We have a complete nutritional meal, the result of important medical research, composed of substances that generate:
– a strengthening of the immune system,
– a weight loss that brings muscle mass into the body,
– a decrease in Diabetes levels.

In science, the results are valid, the numbers are valid and the scientific evidence is valid, that is, those tests that are repeated over time with the same result. We have a study that shows that we can have tangible results on health.

Not only a meal that has just the right amount of proteins, and vitamins as you eat fish or vegetables, but you can have the pleasure of taste, tasting the real Italian food with ingredients that help your health.

A nourishing food that does not oblige you to give up taste, abundance, or to take bars or drinks.

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