The Mediacal Food

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  • The Starter KIT supply for a month

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  • Long Life Pack (Food for 4 weeks + N. 3 Months of Well-known Nutritionist Service included)


Pack is also suitable for vegetarians.

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The STARTER Kit includes:

  • Pasta

  • Bread

  • Pizza/Piadine (wrap)

  • Bruschetta

  • Hazelnut cream (similar to Nutella)

  • Sucralose -substitute for sugar- (250 ml)

  • Free assistance

1 month supply (without food program) for the price of

Here is what you get instead with LONG LIFE PACK:

  • Single portion KIT to replace the carbohydrates of all meals of the day, for 4 Weeks

  • Detailed program to follow, put together with the suggestions of a medical doctor

  • Continuous free assistance of a MedicalFood group representative throughout the period

INSTEAD of 357€  you have it AT THE PRICE of 257€ FOR FOOD
+ 39€ BONUS: N. 3 Months of the Kimera service of a well-known Nutritionist only for you!

Starting your program, you will pay the MedicalFood only about 8 €, COMPLETE FOOD per day, to achive:

–  strengthening of the immune system,
–  weight loss that brings muscle mass into the body (doing METABOLIC RESET),
–  drastic reduction in obesity
–  decrease in Diabetes levels

Inside the LONG LIFE PACK you will find everything you need to take to help you properly nourish your body for 4 Weeks. (Shipment to agreed). The simplicity of use of the LONG LIFE PACK is given by the fact that you will only have to take your pre-packaged portion and use it at the time of the meal you have decided to make, the food of the future will take care of the rest . Not a simple food, NOT the substitute fillers without beneficial properties (now on the market in some types of pasta), but a Medicine Food. Even Ganoderma Lucidum, known as the “mushroom of immortality“, ranks among the “superfoods” for its purifying, aesthetic-slimming, cardiotonic and strengthening properties of the immune system.
The LONG LIFE PACK is ideal for RESETTING THE METABOLISM  and starting a wellness diet without having to change your habits!

I remind you of the results obtained by Prof. Cannataro‘s revolutionary scientific study that went far beyond the expectations of the researchers themselves:

  • The weight loss , with an average of 8.5 kg in 21 days, was in the adipose tissue (hence not the usual excess liquids)

  • There was a decrease in blood sugar and triglycerides bringing the values to normal

  • There was no decompensation of the thyroid or kidneys as often happens in diets, indeed an improvement in that case too

  • There is a reset of the whole metabolic

However, the most important fact is that this type of nutrition does not just help weight loss and metabolism, but also regenerates particular biomolecules called Micro RNA, which play an important part in the auto-immune, and inflammatory system

This therefore means that the body will be able to react more efficiently to a bacterial, or viral attack, improving also your “anticancer” surveillance

So you can reduce sugars and increase your health with joy and without giving up, finding a perfect state of health, fitness and a lot of energy!

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