The miracle of solving diabetes is now science.


Discover the SULACO programme conceived thanks to the input of Dr. Andrea Kleiner, an expert in diabetology, a specialist in internal medicine and a member of the prestigious American Diabetes Association. The project, which boasts the collaboration of other medical specialists in the same disciplines, stems from the heart and futuristic vision of extraordinary people united by a single desire: to offer a real solution to the evil of the century through an approach in line with the latest achievements on diabetes.

Speech by Dr Andrea Kleiner on DIABETES and NUTRITION

Fill out the form to book a telemedicine visit directly with Dr Kleiner to be part of the SULACO programme, the pioneering telemedicine diabetes service available for people from 14 years of age.

Since people with diabetes are believed to be more vulnerable if they contract COVID-19, during these delicate times, you start to eating healthy and we will give you this service in BONUS!

Dr Kleiner is willing to follow patients for one single private visit + 1 whole year in the Sulaco Program in which you have a constant monitoring of your health, diabetes values, blood tests.
Sulaco Program= 1 whole Year at the price of 1 single privat visit (pay 1 private visit + you have 1 year included)

You will be followed via telemedicine and your results will be monitored over time. The most suitable diet for you will also be provided.

The TeleMedicine service has medical value for European health law.


Start the feeding program with HIS medical check for 1 year


Instead, if you want to be included only in the SULACO PROGRAM, fill in all the fields here. A person will call you enter 24 Hours